Balenciaga in Black: A Life-Affirming Moment

My visit to Balenciaga in Black

If you’ve ever had a seemingly ordinary experience that ended up having a profound effect on the course of your life then I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to this post.  If not, just keep reading and I’m sure you’ll learn something useful.  This recent experience left me compelled to share with all of you through this post. What I’m speaking of falls into one of the 4 categories that influence my life the most; faith (in God), family, friends, and fashion. I will place this experience into the fashion category, although I do believe that everything ultimately leads back to the Creator.

I’m so grateful for my blog, mainly because it gives me the opportunity to be creative and motivates me to go out into the world and explore the world of fashion.  That’s why, when I heard about the Balenciaga in Black Exhibit at the Kimball, I knew I must attend.  In all honesty, I’m not a regular museum-goer (maybe I will be now), but in my mind I wasn’t exactly going to the museum anyway, I was going to a couture show.  Not just any show, but one displaying 100 pieces by quite possibly the most creative and innovative couture designer in history!  So as you can see, it was a no-brainer that I would be there with bells on and with my 2 daughters in tow as well.  By the way, I strongly believe that sharing fashion history with the next generation is important and necessary.

Let me just say that if you are not familiar with Balenciaga or other top couture designers from the last two centuries, I recommend that you brush up on your fashion history.  Afterall, how do we know where we are going with fashion, if we don’t know from whence we came?  If your only frame of reference for Balenciaga is from Cardi B or Tory Lanez (no shade intended), then it’s high time to get educated (I’m just saying).

When I entered the gallery to view the collection the effect was almost immediate.  I started to feel a rush of excitement and my body literally began to tingle all over. Each piece in fashion that I adore and that many of you likely adore as well including capes, coats, dresses, gowns, hats, and suits were a visual feast for the eyes. These gorgeous hand-made couture pieces from so many years ago were affirming for me because I can walk into my closet at this very moment and select a piece that parallels many of the pieces in the collection.  That’s huge!  This proved to me that the influence of fashion truly transcends time, race, size, nationality, and economic status among other factors.

Tailored pieces from Balenciaga in Black Collection
Balenciaga in Black
Look inspired by Balenciaga in Black
Another look inspired by Balenciaga in Black

It was at that very moment as I stood amongst Balenciaga’s collection and the numerous other patrons who came from all walks of life, that I truly knew without a doubt that fashion is definitely one of the talents that God gifted me with that I will use to glorify Him. That life-affirming moment is the reason that I’ve decided to double down on my blog, connect with as many fashionistas as possible, inspire with my style as much as possible, and hone in on the skills that are going to take me as far in fashion as I can possibly go.

If you’ve had a life-affirming moment, I would love to know about it. Also, if you were able to relate in some way to this post and enjoyed reading it, be sure to comment, share it, and sign up for my newsletter.

Stay Styled,

Andrea Elainne

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