How Navy Became My New Black

by Andrea Elainne

Navy Blazer from Target

If it’s true that color can affect your mood (I believe it does by the way), then my new favorite color has me feeling “some type of way”.  Let me explain.  I’ve always been a ride or die chick when it comes to black.  In fact, my last blog post, Balenciaga in Black, substantiates my love of the classic color.  In fact, if it happened to be National Wear insert any color of the rainbow here Day, I would unashamedly wear black and if I was feeling it, I might add a pop of the color of the day to show my “engagement”.  On other occasions, if I wanted to be fancy or appear ultra-professional, I would again, wear black.  Let’s not even mention that whole thing about black making you look smaller, that used to be huge for me! By now do you get the picture about my obsession for black?

That’s why recently when I started to notice an underutilized color in my wardrobe (aka navy blue) I began to have conflicting feelings.  Navy blue?Really!? How could it even come close to the sophistication and classiness of my beloved black was the first question I asked myself.  Then I wondered if by wearing this color, would I possibly appear somewhat… boring?

Needless to say after careful consideration, I decided to take a risk with navy, because after all isn’t fashion about taking risks anyway?  My latest navy look comes in the form of a Vince Camuto polka dot body-con dress.  I bought my dress in a 2x because I needed more hip room. The dress was a steal for less than $50 at Dillard’s New Year’s Day Sale.  I paired it with red accessories and shoes, I really love the way the entire look came together.  The same dress is also available at Nordstrom Rack and Bloomingdale’s at a similar price point. My next two navy looks were inspired by pieces I found on a recent Target run.  My initial intention was to run in for cleaning supplies, but true to form I ended up in the clothing department as usual. I hit the clearance rack and found two great pieces.  The first one was a Ava & Viv belted wrap sweater in navy (size 2x). The sweater is warm, has an expensive look, and can be dressed up or down which I love. I paired the sweater with a pair of Rebel Wilson X Angels skinny jeans and topped the look off with a wide-brim textured hat in navy. I’m really trying to incorporate more hats into my looks for 2019, so stay tuned to monitor my progress.  The other piece I found was a navy blazer with matte gold buttons by A New Day. Blazers for me are a no-brainer for the obvious reasons. They are classy, look great on all body types, and can be dressed up or down. Mixing old pieces with new pieces is exciting for me, so I paired the blazer with a striped navy and white tank purchased last summer from Walmart and a 3 year old white pencil skirt (the tags were still attached BTW) from Stein Mart.  The final navy look was previously seen in My Multi-Trend Party Dress Post.  I decided to revisit the ASOS Curve velvet and sequin dress in navy for this post as well.  This dress is super gorgeous y’all and still available! Check out the post if you haven’t already!

Navy Polka Dot Vince Camuto

Belted Navy Wrap Sweater from Target
Navy ASOS Curve Velvet and Sequin Dress

This is what I learned from making navy my new black.  Although navy is not black, in some ways it’s actually better.  I noticed that when I wore navy I felt more low-key and at ease.  I realized that when I wore black, it was more about how I was trying to portray myself or how others perceived me.  The blue basically said, “I’m here, go ahead and check me out because I do look good, then go about your business.”  I actually liked that and came to discover that it’s not a boring color at all!  Honesty, it’s actually quite interesting and a great mix with so many other colors. 

There is no way that I’m going to do away with black, but at least now I will be incorporating a lot more navy into my wardrobe. It really is a gorgeous and intriguing color.

So, my challenge to you is to put together a few looks using navy pieces and see for yourself how great it looks and feels.  I would love for you to share your feelings on navy in the comment section below.  If you took something away from this post please share it, comment, and sign up for my newsletter. Also, tag me on your navy-inspired looks on Instagram!

Stay styled,

Andrea Elainne

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