The Little Black Accordion Skirt: Part 5 of Stepping Out in Style

Accordion skirt with blazer
Loving this skirt!

Hopefully, if you’re reading this post, then you’ve been with me since the beginning of this 5 part series. If not, I would greatly appreciate it if you would take a little time to read the previous posts on some great seasonal trends. It’s hard to believe that we’ve come to the last post of the Stepping Out in Style series. I can honestly say that this trend slid in on me and took me by surprise! Initially, I thought that this post would be on hats which of course is a great seasonal trend too. I had my pics ready and everything. Nevertheless, I believe when inspiration hits, you have to go with it.

A few weeks ago, I featured a story on my Charlotte Russe clearance haul and told you guys to stay tuned to see how I would style it. One of those pieces actually became the inspiration behind this post. Interestingly enough, the black accordion skirt I scored in the haul for less than $10, has become one of my favorite pieces of the season. I kind of think of it as a variation of the little black dress. In my mind this particular skirt is as versatile as a “lbd” (little black dress) if not more. As you can see in the pic above, I styled my skirt with a beautiful blue blazer and threw in a black beret for effect. Personally, I love the way this look turned out!

Black accordion skirt worn as a dress
Paired with statement belt and leggings

The above looks are a play on the “lbd”. I don’t know if the little black skirt, “lbs” is a thing, but I would like to make it one if not. There are numerous ways to take a skirt like this one and create different looks because of its versatility. First, I took the skirt, pulled it up to create a halter dress. Then I decided to add a statement belt in rose gold for some definition. Finally, I added some leggings underneath because I’m not into really short dresses. I absolutely love the way this look came together! I think it’s super cute and would be hella flattering on all shapes and sizes. I’m loving me some black lately after all of the red and pink I rocked recently.

Accordion skirt paired with metallic net scarf

The final “lbs” look is featured above. I would really love to know what my readers think of this look! I paired the skirt with a metallic net scarf with a simple black tank underneath. I think it looks pretty cool, especially for a date night. I’m really proud of my looks because I achieved all of them with minimal effort and cost. As stated before, the skirt was less than 10 bucks! The paired pieces, which included the belt, blazer, and scarf were old favorites that I was excited to make new by pairing with the skirt.

Please, please, please let me know your thoughts on my looks. Chances are you probably have a similar skirt and great accessories that can be used to recreate looks like these. Be sure to tag me on Instagram so that I can see what you come up with. Also, don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter and leave comments below. I love you all and thanks so much for visiting my site!

Stay Styled,

Andrea Elainne

Shop the looks:

Black accordion skirt (no longer available from Charolotte Russe, but similar linked)

Blue blazer

Metallic scarf


Black tank

Black suede pumps


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Blue blazer

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  1. Andrea, you are so creative, love the way you used the skirt as a dress! Ingenious! I’m gonna have to try that one day. Keep those looks and style tips coming.

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