Created in 2018 by Andrea Elainne, HoneySugarStyle is a fresh new take on fashion blogging.

HoneySugarStyle is dedicated to bringing the best of every woman’s fashion life, regardless of size. Whether you’re looking for practical fashion advise, a guide to seasonal styles, or tips to build your self-confidence, you’ll find it here.

Andrea Elainne

From mall baby to fashion maven, HoneySugarStyle founder, president, and CEO Andrea Elainne influences, advises, and collaborates with women from all walks of life and ALL shapes and sizes. At a time when the average women is a size 16, great fashion has become much more inclusive and accessible for all. That’s exciting news! Even more, it’s a great motivator to finally step up your fashion game for good.

Aside from my fashion identity, I take on several other roles as well. Wife to my hilarious and encouraging husband Patroy. Mom to the 3 C’s, (Colby, Caycee, and Carrah), my amazing kiddos. Additionally, I teach Career and Technology Education to high school students full-time. In all of this, I never miss an opportunity to incorporate fashion into each of these areas whenever possible.

Fashion is something that has resonated with me for as long as I can remember. Growing up as an overweight kid and teen was extremely difficult. Back then it was almost impossible to find stylish clothes that fit. I recall spending hours and hours at the mall with my mom, searching numerous stores to find cute and flattering styles. Looking back on those days, I thank God for a supportive mom who never allowed me to feel down on myself because of my size and who always encouraged me to maintain a great sense of style no matter what. I would like to think that as I write this, she is looking down from heaven and proudly smiling due to the fact that all the effort she put forth with me has finally come to fruition with inception of this blog.

More than anything, I would like to sincerely thank each and everyone one of you for taking time to visit this site and learn more about HoneySugarStyle. I’m so looking forward to taking this journey with you as your partner in style.

Stay styled,

Andrea Elainne